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Shit, you can make money doing almost anything!

And by shit,” I mean that literally.

A Facebooker has alerted me that a non-profit company called OpenBiome is paying for stool samples!

The samples are needed to create fecal transplant treatments for people infected with Clostridium difficile, a bacteria that causes about 14,000 deaths a year and is highly resistant to antibiotics.

The treatment requires the collection and screening of stool samples, which may be turned into ready-to-administer frozen fecal capsules for hospitals.

OpenBiome will pay up to $13,000 annually for your commitment to provide five stool samples every week. You can even win prizes for making the most donations, providing the biggest sample, etc.

Of course, you’ve got to live near the company’s lab in Medford, Massachusetts. And you must meet age requirements and such.

But here’s the bottom line (no pun intended)…

This all goes to show that in good economies and bad, there are always opportunities to make money.

You can find ’em almost anywhere, even in the most, uh, disturbing places.