I quit watching “The Walking Dead” a season or so back, but I couldn’t avoid the news yesterday.

It was all over freakin’ social media and the “world wide web.”

Wails of anguish.

Gnashing of teeth.

Cries for revenge.

You see, last Sunday night, the folks over at “The Walking Dead” killed off a beloved character. And not just ANY “beloved character.” This fella’d been with the series for the long haul. Since pretty much the beginning. Viewers invested a lotta time and, yes, even love into this character.

Now that character is gone.


Of course, diehard fans of the show immediately began spinning theories and rumors of how this guy could’a survived. They’re not really dead, they’re on hiatus until the mid-season break, or some such horseshit.

Sorry, fanboys. Methinks this iconic zombieland figure is toast. Deader’n last Thanksgiving’s turkey. They bought the farm. They’re pushin’ up daisies.

But you go on thinking the best.

Don’t let me stop you.

What strikes me funny about all this “Walking Dead” angst is how much energy fans will put into painting optimistic, glass-half-full scenarios about the fate of a fictional character.

But when it comes to painting bright, shiny visions for their own real-life personal futures, they shrug or throw up their hands and drop the friggin’ ball.

“I’m done. What’s the use?”

What the hell’s THAT all about?

You really don’t have to join the dead (or undead).

Today, right this minute, you can start turning your crap on its head and start moving forward.

You can find a really great guidebook for that, by the way, here at Liberty.me.

As for whozis being gone from your favorite zombie show, just get over it.